Garden of Delights Workshop: Dyeing with Avocado Pits, Onion Skins and Flowers - 5/27/17

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Come to this celebration of a very delightful garden and learn about using natural dyes!


Saturday May 27th
11am - 3pm

119 Ingraham St.
Brooklyn, NY 11237


We will go through the history of natural dyeing, including mordants. We will dye different blanks with flowers, onion skins, and avocado pits and skins. We will cover heat dye VS solar dye, bundle dyeing VS dip dyeing and mordants and modifiers.
Natural sources create beautiful colors. Avocado pits and skins colorize fabric into pink. Onion skins give orange/golden to brown/pink hues. And flowers have endless possibilities (pink, violet, yellow...).
We will have 3 vats to colorize fabric.
Every participant will receive:
  • 1 silk bandana 22"X22" to dye with either of the vats
  • 1 silk scarf 35"X35" to dye with either of the vats
  • 1 cotton shirt to dye with either of the vats
  • 1 zine with a brief history on natural dyes, general instructions and photos of common dye sources
Participants are encouraged to bring other items that they might want to dye.
We will also have mimosas and snacks!