Plant Dye Kit

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Summer in a jar! These jars come with a 21" X 21" silk charmeuse bandana, dye material, string, and a zine with an overview of dyeing with plants and further instructions. Just add water and wait for the dye stuff to colorize the fabric!


  • Chamomile: Antique Yellow
  • Marigold: Honey 
  • Safflower: Ochre
  • Rose: Antique Pink
  • Hibiscus: Antique Magenta


  • Pattern or uniform: String has been added in case you want to tie you bandana for creating a pattern. You can also let it as is, to achieve an uniform color.
  • Time: The longer you let the bandana with the dye stuff and water, the darker the color will be.
  • Care: Hand wash with cold water and air dry.
  • Plant dyed fabric: Fabric dyed with plants will retain color and it will not wash away. Some changes with time might occur, depending on sun exposure and general care, but the fabric will not become white again.