NYC Marathon Cheering Squad

NYC Marathon Cheering Squad

4 November 201810am–2pm NYC Marathon125th St. 4/5/6 Subway StationNew York, NY

Join us this Sunday to cheer on the runners racing the New York City Marathon!

We will be meeting at a TBD spot nearby the 125th 4/5/6 Subway Station, which coincides with mile 20 of the marathon, where many runners tend to experience an extreme fatigue called the wall. This is where they'll need the most support! 

There will be a secret present for the first people who arrive.  We'll be there 10am - 2pm. You can come anytime during that timeframe.

Limited amount and given on a first-come-first-serve basis and will need to RSVP below on the Cheer Squad option.

If you are running and would like to be cheered while you pass mile 20, please RSVP below on the Runner option and leave your bib number in the comments, so we can track you.

This year it's particularly exciting. The profesional women have some of the most fearless racers running has seen in the last years: Mary KeitaniDes Linden, Shalane Flanagan and Allie Kieffer (who, full disclosure, I have been following for the past year with an excitement I haven't had since my teenage years). Besides the elites, there will be many more runners giving inspiration on the best marathon / the best day to be a New Yorker!

Let's go, runners!