Dyeing With Flowers Workshop - 4/23/17

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Sunday April 23rd
11am - 2pm

119 Ingraham St.
Brooklyn, NY 11237

Come learn about using natural dyes! This workshop focuses on colorizing fabric using dried flowers. We will also go through the basics of dyeing with natural sources, including mordants (but we will use no mordants, as the intention is to share the unaltered dyeing possibilities of these flowers).

Dried flowers are a powerful natural dye. We will be using different flowers that yield different tones: marigolds (yellow), chamomile (soft yellow), hibiscus (purple), roses (soft pink).

Every participant will receive:

  • 1 silk scarf 35"X35"
  • 1 zine with a brief history on natural dyes, general instructions and photos of common dye sources

We will also have mimosas and snacks!