Bonobos Private Workshop


When: Wednesday 7/1/18, 3pm-6pm

Where: Fragmentario Studio - 119 Ingraham St. Unit 417, 

  • Size and fit

    Brooklyn, NY

  • Care

    What: Before the advent of synthetic dyes in 1856, plants and other natural sources were used across all cultures to color fiber and other materials. In this workshop you will learn how to produce a blue hue using avocado seeds collected from local NY restaurants. Every participant will receive a silk scarf and fabric to experiment, as well as a plant dye zine with a brief history on natural dye, general instructions and photos of common dye sources. Participants are encouraged to bring other items that they might want to dye. We will cover also the general history of natural dyes, how different cultures approach it and best practices for approaching natural dyes in a small and medium scale. 

    Light refreshments and snacks will be provided. Please notify if any food allergies in the group.

  • Process

    Each garment is made and dyed to order.

    The blush hue is created using avocado seeds provided by local restaurants in New York City in a process that  spans several days.

    Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping. For rush or made to measure garments, please contact