Avocado Pits Dye Workshop - 6/17/17 at LIMBO

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Saturday June 17th

431 20th Street. Brooklyn, NY 11215 
(15th St. - Prospect Park stop at F/G trains)

Come learn about using natural dyes at Limbo! A creative space and store in South Park Slope, they also sell plants, vintage clothing and various items from up-and-coming designers.

This workshop focuses on colorizing fabric using avocado pits. We will also go through the basics of dyeing with natural sources, including mordants.

Avocado pits are a powerful natural dyeing yield beautiful rose tones.

Every participant will receive:

  • 1 silk scarf 35"X35" to dye
  • 1 zine with a brief history on natural dyes, general instructions and photos of common dye sources

Participants are encouraged to bring other items that they might want to dye.

Refreshments will be served!