Yamamoto-Seika is an project space/space project in what once was an Okaki (rice cracker) factory that has been out of business for 20. It is located in a residential area at Tengachaya Nishinariku, Osaka. The former factory space is still decaying and continuously exists along the flow of time without any artificial renovation.

Avocado invasion at the rice cracker factory:

In March 2019 Fragmentario did an installation of Rosa Terráqueo and it's supporting projects in this space. Sounds, textiles, research and garments occupied Yamamoto-Seika. A performance took place to explore the ideas behind the project without the use of words.

/ a h u a c a t l / music inspired by avocados by cher-ee-lee

Acqua music inspired by water by cher-ee-lee

Books and research that informed the avocado and water experimentation

Intervened furniture found at Yamamoto-Seika with fabrics dyed with avocado seeds and different water samples from around the world

Avocado seeds and skin

Avocado seed tea made at Yamamoto-Seika. Different color due to lemon juice and baking soda.

Water from Amsterdam. We also had access to water from Nigeria, Canada and England all brought into Japan by different collaborators.