Natural Dyes & Experimental Weaving Workshop at La Guarimba

Natural Dyes & Experimental Weaving Workshop at La Guarimba from Fragmentario on Vimeo by Lavinia Del Croce.

La Guarimba is a film festival that was born in 2013 in the south of Italy with the objective to bring the cinema back to the people and the people back to the cinema. Throughout 5 days, short films from around the world are shown at the beautiful park La Grotta. Every year, there also organize workshops, parties and Artists for La Guarimba, an artist exhibit, curated by Sara Fratini, showcasing posters made by 30 artists with their own interpretation of the festival.

It is a truly magical place and one that inspired me to find my voice as a creator, the first time I went in 2015. I went back in 2016 to teach my first natural dyes workshop, using onion skins. I returned again this year for a a 2-day workshop that I taught alongside Nigerian fashion designer Henry Igbineweka.

On the first day we covered the principles of natural dyes and dyed new and old fabrics using avocado seeds and onion skins. On the second day, we rinsed our fabrics and cut them into stripes thus converting them into "yarn" to then "weave" it back into the fence at La Grotta. The idea was to foster learning while having fun and starting from very easy methods that would encourage learning more advanced techniques.

The student's work stayed at La Grotta as a part of an installation that also included used clothes donations from friends in New York, including Elizabeth Cline and Robert Bredvad. Photos from the installation will be coming up in October, after the film is developed in NY!

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