Fragmentario in Madrid: Avocado Dye Workshop at Cesta República

Fragmentario in Madrid: Avocado Dye Workshop at Cesta República


Last year I traveled around Europe for 2 months teaching natural dyes workshops and visiting family/friends, who would then call this trip the "Avocado European Tour".

One of the last stops was in Cesta República, a wonderful space in Madrid that celebrates art and design. We dyed white silk scarves into avocado pink using avocado seeds collected over 6 months by a local friend.

My friends from ETDK Studios made this beautiful behind-the-scenes video. I've been a big admirer of their work since I met them in 2015, so I feel incredibly honored to see Fragmentario through their magic eye.

Fellow natural-dye-lovers Native Outpost and Savia de Oro can be seen, as well as some of their amazing work. We 3 are connected by our use of plants for colors, but each have a distinct point of view, so it was great to show participants that even with the "limitation" of using natural dyes, there is space for developing your own voice.

Video: ETDK Studios (ETDK Studios)

Location: Cesta República (Cesta República)

As seen on the video: Native Outpost, Savia de Oro, Sara Fratini, La Guarimba Film Festival