Dyeing with avocados at Cesta República (Madrid)

With the intention to create a place to celebrate fiber art and craft, six friends opened Cesta República in 2016. At that point they had been working together for some years with their architecture studio CeroEstres and were looking to develop a new project where they could share the objects they found on their many travels, as well as give a platform to different creators to share their work.

On the 16th of September, Fragmentario was there as a guest, teaching an avocado dye workshop. As a fiber fanatic myself, it was great to share my knowledge on a place that shares similar values and that strives to integrate tradition and modernity. 

This workshop was particularly exciting, because we had Ivana from Savia de Oro as a guest, showing her work and sharing her deep knowledge on natural dyes. Ivana has a deeply curious mind, which she has further developed by taking classes with natural dyes master Michel Garcia and working with pioneer cochineal producer Canaturex. It was very enriching to have her share her thought on natural dyeing.

Alicia and Pablo from El Tornillo de Klaus also came and took the beautiful photos from this blog post. We first met some years ago at La Guarimba, of which they are founding members. They are extremely prolific: besides working on the festival, they run a magazine and a blog about cinema and an audiovisual studio. A video from the workshop will be coming and I am very excited, as I am a big fan of their work, which combines technology with human touch.

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