Dyeing with avocado seeds at Castelo Studio

Iria do Castelo is an artist that works in different mediums and the founder of Castelo Studio. In what was once her great-grandmothers home, Iria has created a vibrant space, where she hosts workshops, artist residencies and different events. Under the framework of Castelo Open Studio, she invites artists from different disciplines are invited to share their craft through masterclasses and workshops.

The past 26th of August, Fragmentario was one of such collaborators, by teaching a natural dyes masterclass. With two sessions, we had a total of 32 very diverse students, all connected with the curiosity of learning how to get color from plants.

It was wonderful to see so many people interested in the possibilities of plant based dyes and to work alongside such a creative and powerful force as Iria.

Helm & Anchor took some beautiful photos, some of which can be see below. The rest are at Castelo Studio's website.

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