Featured on Mind Body Green

Very excited to be featured today in Mind Body Green.

Had so much fun speaking about natural dyes with Emma Loewe, their green editor & Miachel Breton, their photographer.

Emma did a great job weaving stories from the past & future of natural dyes, hues that can be achieved and possible partnerships, like the one we have established with Avocaderia, our avocado seeds providers. Also happy to finally see Michael's beautiful photos. Also some words from the ever mysterious Native Outpost.

Thank you Emma & Miachel for the nice afternoon and see you in the fall ­čŹé

To read the whole article click here.

Onion Inspired Playlist

A new playlist has been added to┬áFragmentario Radio. Rossa Italia has music selected by Milan resident Martina B. and mixed by our new intern L├ęa B. It features Italo classic music and we listened to it in out last┬á´╗┐Dyeing With Onions Workshop´╗┐.

Featured on

Featured on

Featured on talking about my journey from Parsons, to working at Michael Kors, to making color with plants. To read more, click here.

Excerpt from the article below:

If you're interested in the creative side of ethical fashion manufacturing and production but don't necessarily want to start your own brand, you could follow in the footsteps of someone like Maria Elena Pombo. After studying fashion design at Parsons and landing a technical design job at Michael Kors, she began to experiment with natural dyes in her free time as a way to help her boyfriend get his line of bags off the ground.
"I was expecting the colors to be very subtle, but they were actually quite vibrant, and I fell in love with the process," Pombo says. She started Fragmentario shortly thereafter, a natural dye project that she uses as an outlet to dye things for bands or theatrical sets, in addition to hosting workshops teaching people to use natural dyes at home.
"My favorite sources to use are avocado pits and onion skins," Pombo says. "But there's only so much I can gather from my own eating, so I have to be creative. I have a network of friends and restaurants who save their avocado pits for me. I also do daily visits to different supermarkets and clean their onion boxes to get my onion skins. When people who don't know about Fragmentario see me with the avocado pits or the onion skins, they are so curious about why I want this 'trash.'"

Mint Reign

Mint Reign

One of my favorite parts from organizing workshops is the interesting people I meet through them. For the onion skin workshop, Katie & Marla from Mint Reign came to learn about the magic of plants. They make beautiful objects using different mediums (concrete, glass, wood) and will be at Renegade Craft Fair in NY on 6/17-6/18. They have a great DIY section on their website, including a post on natural dyes with photos and information from the workshop we did together. To read it, click here.

Indigo Capsule

Indigo Capsule

Sidonie Boron made an incredible video and took some beautiful photos with her indigo socks and t-shirt.