Parsons The New School for Design, Textiles MFA
Atelier Partnership


- Botanical dyes
- Dyeing with snow
- Rust street dyeing
- Modifiers from the wine industry (calcium carbonate and citric acid)
- Natural modifiers

- Developing an individual creative voice that is part of a larger context
- Culture
- Materiality
- Systems
- Communicating
- Experimentation

Class of 2019:

Liuxu Luo
Samyukta Easwaran
Terumi Saito
Tess Murdoch

- United Nations, Study Hall

- Albers Foundation


- Premiere Vision Prints Tradeshow

- Stefan Beckman Studios

- Olear Scents

- Tomorrow is Always Good 

Final Project:

- Develop swatch library

- Onion Society: Class of 2019 (NYTM, National Onion Association, La Guarimba Film Festival)