Parsons The New School for Design, Textiles MFA Atelier Partnership


- Botanical dyes
- Dyeing with snow
- Rust street dyeing
- Modifiers from the wine industry (calcium carbonate and citric acid)
- Natural modifiers

- VHS recording
- Converting analog files into digital and viceversa
- Presenting work
- Negotiating
- Organization
- Production of work and showcase opportunities
- Seeking sponsorship
- P.R.
- Developing an individual creative voice that is part of a larger context
- Culture
- Materiality
- Systems
- Staying independent
- Communicating
- Experimentation

Class of 2019:

Liuxu Luo
Samyukta Easwaran
Terumi Saito
Tess Murdoch

- United Nations, Study Hall

- Albers Foundation

- Ana Correa, WGSN

- Premiere Vision Prints Tradeshow

- Veronica di Fonzo, Stefan Beckman Studios

- Olear Scents (Poco a Poco, Eileen Fischer, M. Patmos)

- Tomorrow is Always Good (Uniqlo, Victoria’s Secret)

- Lorenza Wong, FIT / Parsons

Final Project:

- Develop swatch library

- Onion Society: Class of 2019 (NYTM, National Onion Association, La Guarimba Film Festival)

Class of 2020:


- Stoll

- Material Connexion

- Jessie English, Associate Manager of Fabric Research and Development at ANN INC

- Mariana Gatti, Consultant for Melissa Shoes, Buffy, Zilver, Creatures of Comfort

- Miguel Modestino, New York University, Modestino Group (H&M Award Winner)

- Isvett Verde, New York Times

- Montse Lobos, Interaction Designer at Google

- Elvira Blanco, Columbia University, Department of Latin American Studies

- Charlene Wang, Set Designer at HBO
Final Project:

- Develop samples library

- TBD project for NYTM. Possibility interest in biocomoposites and bioplastics

- Ideas for partners for projects:

* Melissa Shoes
* Buffy
* Plat Institute

- Develop your own micro-mill (or structure, ~Fragmentario)

- Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico City, Mexico)

- Prodiseño (Caracas, Venezuela)

- Universidad Monteavila (Caracas, Venezuela)

- Univeristy of Palermo (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

- Istituto Europeo di Design (All over)

- Polimoda (Florence, Italy)

- Elisava (Barcelona, Spain)

- RMIT (Australia)

- Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art
- Dalton Highschool

- Loyola, in general those highschools