La Guarimba Film Festival
2016 - Ongoing (Italy)

La Guarimba is a film festival and a cultural organisation situated in the southern Italian region of Calabria with the aim of bringing the cinema back to the people and the people back to the cinema.

Founded by Calabro-Venezuelan Giulio Vita and street artist and illustrator Sara Fratini. They work with cinema and illustration using culture as a vehicle to promote their values of participatory democracy, integration and accessibility.

Guarimba, in venezuelan indigenous language, means “safe place”.

Since 2016, Fragmentario has been exploring the relationship of the citizens of Amantea with their local cipolla rossa.

In 2016 we did a workshop extracting color from local Tropea onions, thus exploring this secret power or their beloved onion.

In 2017 we extracted color from the skin of local Tropea onions, as well as Israeli avocado seeds and then did an experimental weaving workshop in which we did a public art installation at Parco La Grotta where the film festival is held every August.

In 2018 due to the USCIS Fragmentario could not travel outside of the USA.

In 2019 Fragmentario will be back at La Guarimba to develop an audiovisual body of work with Griffin Moore and Michele Condo exploring this relationship of the locals. We will also present the work of Onion Society: Class of 2019, textile and audivisual work by four international artists.  

Onions & Avocados at La Guarimba (2017)

Film by Lavinia del Croce (class of 2017) from Southern Sofa Film Factory

Fragmentario Radio

What is the sound of southern Italian onions?

Playlists by Michele Condo (class of 2017) and Martina Bruni (class of 2016) in 2017 exploring Italian culture.