Education - Ongoing

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Exploring the stories behind dyeing plants that are less mainstream:

- Spices of the New & Old World: Dyeing with Turmeric and Annatto

- Colors of Autumn: Dyeing with Walnut Shells & Pinecones

- From Green to Blue: Dyeing with Indigo

- Royal Hues: Dyeing with Cochineal & Logwood

- Experimental Avocado Dyeing

- Colors of the Underwater: Dyeing with Seaweed
New York Botanical Garden 

Exploring the secret colors of recognizable plants:

- Rethinking Circularity: Dyeing with Avocado Seeds & Onion Skins

- Floralia: Dyeing with Flowers
Parsons the New School for Design

Exploring textile experimentation and how to run an independent studio