Ahuacatl - Collection
︎ 2017 - Ongoing (Brooklyn, NY)

Ahuacatl seeks to explore the opportunities of circular economies by using alternative production methods and to activate conversations about waste in the food and textile industries.

Since 2017, Fragmentario has partnered with various New York based restaurants to collect their avocado seeds that would otherwise become waste and used them instead to deadstock silk and linen fabrics.

The project borrows its name from the word for avocado used by Aztecs in México before the colonization of the Americas. It was transformed into “aguacate” by the Spanish colonizers and then evolved into the English word “avocado”.
Partner Restaurats:

2019:    Guacuco, Bushwick

2018:    Barrio Chino, LES
         Food Story,
         Emily J
         L-mo's Market
         Brooklyn's Natural

2017:    Avocaderia